From the moment you gain interest in a Fire Service career, to your first day on the job to long after you retire the STENTORIANS can act as a support system for you and your family. 

Getting Hired

  1. Visit the LACoFD official website to learn about test requirements & upcoming test dates 
  2. Visit the Hartsfield-Davis Training Center & STENTORIANS Office located at 1409 W. Vernon Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90062 for information on upcoming classes and mentoring opportunities
  3. Apply for an EMT scholarship with us
  4. If you have been officially hired onto the LA County Fire Dept. You can join the 300+ active members of the STENTORIANS of LA County  organization. Click Here For A Member Information Form 
    • Who can become a member: Active LAFD personnel are eligible for membership after their one (1) year probationary period.
    • Why you should become a member: Membership provides access to training seminars for upward mobility opportunities in advancing Firefighter's careers; opportunities to volunteer supports mission-driven activities; and access to various free and public sponsored events.
    • Cost for membership: Monthly Dues are charged in the form of payroll deduction.
    • How to become a member: Becoming a member is easy. Applicants must complete the deduction form provided below, or can retrieve one from the office directly.
    • Need a new Authorization for Payroll Deduction Form? Call or Email us to request a new one!


    A Career in Fire

    President's Message,

    Thank you for being a member of the highly esteemed Stentorians of Los Angeles County. We are humbled at your participation in sharing our vision of service to our communities. It is also our desire to ensure that You, Our Membership, benefit from the successes of the organization as a whole. With this said, we are taking active steps to increase communications between the main office and membership, hosting courses to those looking to promote within the department and various social activities.

    Thank you,

    Johnny Gray, President
    The Stentorians of Los Angeles County

    Enjoying Retirement 

    When you decide it's time to retire be sure to let us know and accept a formal invitation for you and your family to attend our annual Ebony Reunion. During this event we honor your accomplishments and publicly acknowledge your service with an award ceremony hosted at the African American Firefighter museum.